10 Greatest Classic Rock Songwriters

Pure Poets of Rock's Golden Age.


When rock was rising to prominence, many elders accepted that the genre would last a few years before being virtually obsolete. Oh how wrong they were. What made rock change into a legitimate genre of music was the amount of time put into the lyrics of these classic rock tracks.

Rock in general tracks in a lot of haters that say that these lyricists have nothing to say with the exception of partying, sex, drugs. However, artists in the golden age of rock took proper care of their songs by sprinkling in lyrics that were absolutely breathtaking. Instead of just being about rock, these songs could speak to your soul and make you see the world in a different light. Whether it be wholesome or disturbing, these lyrics hit a certain emotion in the listener that you didn't see in most rockers.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to write odes to sex and drugs, but the types of lyrics that are truly nerve-gripping only come around every once in a while. Across these artists' discographies, they make writing those heart-wrenching lyrics seem almost easy.

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