10 Greatest Comebacks In Rock History

Back with a vengeance.


The music industry has always been cruel to artists. Whether that's down to management issues or just the sheer exhaustion of a touring cycle, the life of a musician is not for the faint of heart.

Countless musicians have been knocked down while in their prime, but all that matters is if you can pick up the pieces afterward.

While many bands have sunk to the deepest depths a band can reach, they still managed to find that initial spark and shoot it right back in the faces of their haters. But why were they at the bottom to begin with?

Often it comes down to either the departure of a key member, shoddy management decisions, or even just one record that stripped the band of their goodwill.

Either way, these artists clearly had an uphill battle to climb, but they persisted and came back as a stronger band for it. Whereas anyone can be at the right place at the right time for their 5 minutes of fame, the real pros are the ones you can spit in the face of adversity and proclaim their greatness without coaxing on name recognition.

It might not have been an easy journey back, but we're glad these guys made the trek regardless.

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