10 Greatest David Bowie Songs

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David Bowie wasn't just a unique artist, he was truly decades ahead of his time. His fashion, his musicality, his diversity. Everything about him exuded originality and forward thinking. It's for these reasons that he remained at the very forefront of popular music for almost 5 decades.

It seemed that he churned out era-defining albums at will. Heroes. Ziggy Stardust. Scary Monsters. Low. Station To Station. The list goes on and on. He did this whilst constantly reinventing his sound, never going stagnant. At times he was experimenting with glam rock, other times it was funk. Sometimes he'd indulge in straight up pop, and other times he'd pop up with abstract ambient pieces.

This artistic flair continued right up until Bowie passed away, with his last album Blackstar being released just two days prior to his death. It probably stands as one of his most experimental works to date, as well as his darkest considering some of the lyrics allude to his very own death.

Whittling the 10 best Bowie albums is a hard enough task, let alone trying to conceive of his 10 very best songs, but here is our best shot.

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