10 Greatest Debut Albums Of The 1970s

Sabbath really did get off on the right foot...

Vertigo Comics

The 70's were a whirlwind time for music. No matter what kind of music you were into, every single genre from rock to folk to pop to metal all had some of their best material surface during this decade. While many bands from the 60's were still thriving at the time, many bands hit the ground running from the first time they were pressed to vinyl.

At the time, these records came out of nowhere and turned the music world on its head. Suddenly, the Flower Power Generation started to dissipate in favor of these newer acts. Hippy idealism may have seemed like a good idea on the surface, but these songs foreshadowed something much more interesting on the horizon. While each of these acts had varying degrees of success after these records, their first time up to the plate ignited a spark in the music world that would manifest in different ways as the years went on.

Even to this day, bands still go back to these records because of their visceral energy and emotional resonance. Anyone in the music world will tell you about the importance of a good first impression, but these acts almost make it look easy.


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