10 Greatest Ever Story Songs

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The primary job of any song is that it sounds good. The tune has got to have the right melodic structure and rhythm to get the audience grooving and coming back to it time and time again. However, when it comes to lyrics, songwriters have a unique opportunity at their feet.

There are millions of songs that are written about partying all night long, but that kind of writing can only take you so far. Lyricists start experimenting over time and decide to craft more thoughtful lyrics into their compositions. These lyrics tend to tell a unique story as it takes the listener on a journey through the music. In those instances, the music takes a back seat and provides the audible vehicle as the listener goes from scene to scene.

Spanning across genres from hip hop to rock to metal, the music world has never run short of exceptional wordsmiths who forego trite lyricism for more introspective anecdotes. Across all of the entries found here, we get a look into the lives of these people who live in between your headphones.

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