10 Greatest Hard Rock Album Openers

Hitting the ground SPRINTING.


For any fairweather hard rock fan, it's a bit of a tough sell for someone to sit through an entire album of material. Though a handful of tracks here and there will typically be enough for the usual fan, the idea of spending 40 minutes in this headspace can sound a bit exhausting. However, you usually have a better argument if you have a great song to kick off everything.

Through each generation of rock musicians, bands have come out with great records that pack one hell of a punch from the very beginning. As opposed to gradually throwing you into the album experience, these songs hit the ground running with some of the most visceral performances of their career.

For as great as these tracks are, the band usually have the power to prove that that first surge of energy was just the beginning of the epic story that is to follow.


These songs might not end up being the very best on the entire record, but they do their job at setting the scene so your story starts off on the right foot. Let's get right down to business and see which records hit us in the gut from the very beginning.


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