10 Greatest Hard Rock Basslines

The most hypnotic riffs from the low end of rock...

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Whenever you're listening to a great rock song, most of the time you latch onto the guitar riff. In fact, the guitar part of most hard rock songs have such a size to them that it's almost easy to overlook some of the melodic passages coming from the singer. While the guitar may be the most dominant force in rock, there is some equally remarkable stuff coming from the four-string.

Over the years, bass players have gotten sort of a raw deal as just the less talented guitarist who only plays the easy riffs. On the other hand, some truly gifted bass players have come out of the rock scene who have made the low end surge with their infectious riffs. Some of the lines on these tunes have such a presence to them that they overshadow some of the guitar solos.

While guitar riffs can give a feeling of euphoria, the bass line is what keeps the entire track low to the ground and grooving. Here are a few examples where the bass player stepped out from the shadows and delivered some of the most irresistible riffs that have ever been put on a rock record.

Whether it's with a pick or fingers, these guys accomplish with four strings what most guitarists can't do with six.

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