10 Greatest Hard Rock Concept Albums

The stories behind the riffs.


While hard rock music sounds absolutely stellar, it is a genre that you can turn your brain off to if you feel so inclined. There have been some stellar storytelling in some hard rock songs, but they tend to feel more like set dressing for the main groove or guitar riff blasting from the amplifier.

Though many bands have brilliant songs with little substance, these bands wanted to aim a bit bigger with their albums. Whereas most bands look at their albums as an opportunity to cram as many riffs into a half hour block, these groups used the studio as an instrument to tell some of the greatest musical stories ever conceived.

Whenever you throw on a concept record, it's almost as if you can hear a movie being played out in your head. Some can be a bit melodramatic, but with the roaring sounds of hard rock blasting at you, it's the musical equivalent of watching an action movie.

These records may be a bit more of an undertaking for some, but once you take that initial dive, these records shine brighter than any other band could hope for. From space travel to existential nightmares to traveling, let's take a look at the bands that used their music to take us on a different sonic ride.


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