10 Greatest Hard Rock Debut Albums

Because everyone's got to start somewhere.


As the first impression offered to mass audience, it is incredibly important that any band get their debut spot on. The record must be raw, stylish, well written, and above all else, must show the world what a particular group is all about.

So often though, bands miss the mark, delivering mediocre debuts and showcasing nothing but inexperience and generic, re-hashed material.

It's a very difficult formula to crack, and all elements must fall into place. Musically the artists must to be on-point, both when writing and recording the tracks. On top of that, it's of paramount importance that a good marketing team is behind the record so it reaches an intended audience, and some eye-catching album art never hurts either.

This is where the cream rises to the top, however, as a band with a great debut will not only leave a lasting impression on listeners, but inspire other musicians for years to come. There are several instances of this throughout the history of hard rock, from legendary acts to those who are following in their footsteps...


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