10 Greatest Hard Rock Guitarists Of The '90s

The Age of Rock's Eclectic Six-Stringers.

Kara Robinson

There's no use in playing hard rock music without the guitar. The sound of a cranked electric guitar blaring through a Marshall amplifier is the stuff of dreams for most hard rock aficionados. Though there have been many fantastic wielders of the six-string over the years, let's take it back to when the genre shifted to the alternative side of the spectrum.

As the '90s were dawning, the hard rock community was being given a different spin. After being bogged down with the hair metal scene, the entire landscape expanded after grunge swept the nation. With no set genre anymore, bands from all across the rock world came together, each with their own unique brand of fury. From genres as diverse as metal, alternative, or progressive, the guitar was still front and center pumping out one great riff after another.

Each of these guitarists helped bring something different to the table by recontextualizing the guitar as a songwriting tool rather than an excuse to mindlessly shred. Let's take a look back at the guitarists who taught a legion of kids a different form of virtuosity.

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