10 Greatest Hard Rock Songs (Without Vocals)

Best Rock Instrumentals EVER! Ghost, Muse, Van Halen and more!


When talking about rock bands, most people pine for the role of the frontman. On the surface, it seems like the most enjoyable job in the world if you just belt out song lyrics, play off your bandmates, and basically be the ringleader of one big party of music. However, the real professionals know how to keep your attention even without a proper vocalist.

Over the years, bands often get tired of playing to the singer's capabilities over and over again. Though the instrumental cut is normally reserved for album filler half of the time, these acts have been able to make these interlude-style tracks feel like major events on the record.

As opposed to staying inside the conventional song structure, this is where we get to see the musicians really flex their chops, whether it be behind the fretboard or a completely different instrument.

Even though most of these stay confined to hard rock, a lot of the more adventurous pieces show these acts reaching outside of their comfort zones and switching up the style entirely. No matter what kind of challenge you throw at them though, there's bound to be something interesting going on without you even noticing.

The lyrics may help, but these melodies are so good that you don't words to sing along.

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