10 Greatest Keyboardists Of All Time

The masters behind the ivories.

Greg Allen/AP

In most of rock music, the guitar seems to dominate the competition when it comes to the mid-range melodic instrument. If you're not listening for the singer's voice, chances are you'll probably be latching on to the guitar riff or solo. So, why is the piano written out of the conversation?

Sure, the piano is a much bigger instrument which people associate with more classical composers, but there are some fantastic musicians who have brought the keyboard into the popular music sphere. Since the piano has a greater dynamic range, these musicians have the advantage of more notes and a greater sonic palette to come up with beautiful melodies. Even the simple playing of chords can make a simple song seem almost trance-like.

All of these keyboardists presented here have created mesmerizing patterns that have not only yielded classic songs, but also pushed the limits of popular music at the time into uncharted territory. Whether it's on a typical upright or a synthesizer, each of these musicians have produced fantastic sounds with a keyboard that can go toe-to-toe with any guitar riff in history.

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