10 Greatest Love Songs In Rock

Rock and Roll's Most Heartfelt Offerings.

Queen Opera

Most of the rock genre stems from being angry at something. No matter what stripe of rock you see yourself enjoying, most of the subject matter comes down to talking about revolution, resistance, and outright hatred for those who've stepped on you. On the other hand, every one has a sensitive side hiding just underneath the surface.

Rather than just rest on their laurels, these bands wore their hearts on their sleeves and delivered some of the most emotional gut punches of their career. Instead of directing their anger though, these are probably the most wholesome rock songs you will ever find. Rather than squeak by on the power rock anthems, these are open-hearted declarations to their significant others that haven't lost the passion over the years. While some people might think this constitutes monster ballad territory, a lot of what's on display here are actually pretty diverse in how they present their infatuation.

Whether it be through the lens of the ballad or just an upbeat rock jam, every single one of these tracks have a strong emotional connection that you might pass by in your first few spins. Even though rock's about being the ruler of all known dominions, this is where the distortion comes down and you let the music drive the point home.

10. Open Arms - Journey

What, you thought we weren't getting out of here without a bit of cheese? Along with some of the more heartfelt dirges that most bands like to put out, the '80s power ballads were practically the bread and butter for most acts in the early '80s. Though acts like Poison and Motley Crue may have tried their hand at this kind of tune, Journey really hit upon perfection with Open Arms.

That is, once Jonathan Cain joined the group. Up until this point, Journey had been a more rock-centric affair with Neal Schon writing the majority of the material. Bringing in Cain from the Babys, the beautiful piano melody he brought to the band made Steve Perry stand up and take notice when it came time to write lyrics. Taking the initial melody as his guide, Perry set out to write one of the most emotional songs of his career, which divided the band once it was brought into the rehearsal room.

Aside from Schon's initial pushback, this went on to define Journey in the minds of fans, as Perry's performance takes the entire song over the top. Even in later years, Journey's attempts to capture the magic again on Faithfully pales in comparison to the perfection that had already hit on. Sure, it's cheesy as hell, but what so wrong with a bit of dairy in your music every now and again?

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