10 Greatest Power Metal Albums Of All Time

9. Dawn Of Victory - Rhapsody

A lot of power metal acts relied on Tolkien as one of their key influences. Italian power metal legends Rhapsody, later Rhapsody of Fire, helped bring the fantasy and magic of Tolkien’s works to musical records. It was in their sixth album, when they evolved that formula into something that was on a whole new level.

Dawn of Victory is not merely a journey taking place in a Tolkien-esque world. The core elements are there, but the music and the lyrics have progress beyond that into something completely new and unique. It continues the Emerald Sword saga, an epic story told across several of Rhapsody’s albums. The dreary plot and brutal imagery make for a hauntingly memorable experience.

The usual symphonic aspects are somewhat kept in check here, allowing the band to go for a more frenzied pace. This is especially true for the guitar work. With that being said, there is still enough of an operatic side to the album, to ensure it is easily recognizable as a Rhapsody work.

Songs to check out include Holy Thunderforce and Triumph for My Magic Steel and Dargor.

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