10 Greatest Rock And Roll Collab Songs

5. Passenger - Deftones and Maynard James Keenan

The fact that White Pony by Deftones sounds as dreamy as it does almost feels like a miracle compared to what the lyrics are about. For all of the shoegaze elements that run throughout songs like Change or Digital Bath, these songs are filled with some pretty dangerous characters, alongside the band who were messed up on drugs throughout the making of the project. A lot of the mellow side comes from Chino Moreno's vocals though, and the song can snap on a dime when you have someone else behind the mic.

After finishing up the bulk of the album, Passenger was one of the few songs that Deftones were workshopping when Maynard James Keenan stopped by the session. While he was only meant to flesh out some of the arrangements of the tunes, Maynard actually found himself on the studio floor delivering his trademark vocals to the verses of the song, which made the whole track come alive.

Almost feeling closer to Tool than Deftones in some places, this entire track almost feels like a demented ride through the city, as you're being taken on a seedy journey to find some sort of action. As much fun as it is to listen to, the energy behind this song is a lot darker than you would imagine. If you're not careful, you might not be getting out of this car alive.


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