10 Greatest Rock Instrumentals

No singing required...

Warner Bros.

Any great hard rock song has got to have a good melody. Whether it's coming from the guitar riff or from the singer, you need something the audience can latch onto so they can sing it back to you every night while you're on the road. Vocals normally get the job done the best, but the real artists grab their audience through pure music.

For the most part, instrumental cuts on albums seem to be an afterthought. Oftentimes, bands will throw little bits of music onto their record to either set up ambiance for the next track or to just noodle around in order to fill the runtime on the CD. However, many musicians have seen an instrumental as an opportunity to give the audience a glimpse of the band that they haven't seen before.

Instead of making you want to raise your fist in the air and chant along, these tunes have been able to put the listener in a trance as the music hits you one wave at a time. While the fairweather fans are sitting there looking at their watches, the real music nerds will sit there in awe, unable to get enough of the sonic bliss that these tunes still give us. Put your headphones on and listen for yourself.

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