10 Greatest Thrash Metal Albums Of All Time

The heaviest of the headbangers.

Virgin Records

Thrash metal: an explosion of psychotic audio rage that took hold of the metal world during the mid 80s. Great Britain did the world the great favour of creating metal in the 70s and America revolutionised it in the next decade. Thrash metal guaranteed several things for thrill-seeking listeners: the fastest music, the heaviest music, the angriest music and, often times, the drunkest music.

Spreading like a Biblical plague out of the Bay Area initially, the frequently evil-oriented shredders of thrash successfully demolished the barriers between heavy metal and hardcore punk. Spitting venomous lyrics about a whole host of grim, gritty topics including (but not limited to) WWIII and Satanic rituals, thrash metal brought horror movie sensibilities into the audio world. The musical extremes reached forever changed the world of heavy metal and ushered in generations of increasingly extreme, risqué rock stars and metal troupes.

Among all the headbangers across the globe, most simply could not thrash to the life-endangering extreme of the genre’s finest. From America’s Big Four to Germany’s Big Three and everything in between, thrash metal was and is (and probably always will be) music at its face-punching finest.

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