10 Greatest Thrash Metal Albums Of All Time

10. Kreator - Extreme Aggression

Kreator Track List: 1. Extreme Aggression 2. No Reason To Exist 3. Love Us Or Hate Us 4. Stream Of Consciousness 5. Some Pain Will Last 6. Betrayer 7. Don't Trust 8. Bringer Of Torture 9. Fatal Energy Stand out track: Some Pain Will Last, great intro...great song! On their 4th record, Germany's thrash giants Kreator finally coupled their frenzied attack with hooks and choruses catchy enough to make even your Gran nod along. Each track maintains a ridiculously high tempo as the Kreator boys rip through 9 tracks of Teutonic fury featuring vicious, stabbing riffs and Mille Petrozza's sandpaper vocals. They even scored an MTV hit with their video for Betrayer, gaining them valuable exposure in America; a considerable achievement for music as harsh and unrelenting as this. Kreator's second album, Pleasure to Kill, is also revered and highly influential in the death and thrash metal scene but Extreme Aggression is the work of a band at their absolute peak and a classic thrash record.
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