10 Greatest Thrash Metal Albums Of All Time

8. Exodus - Bonded By Blood

exodus 2 Tracklist: 1. Bonded By Blood 2. Exodus 3. And Then There Were None 4. A Lesson In Violence 5. Metal Command 6. Piranha 7. No Love 8. Deliver Us To Evil 9. Strike Of The Beast Stand out Track: And Then There Were None, pure head-banging genius! A rough and ready debut album with singer (I use that term loosely) Paul Baloff barking violent rhetoric over Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt's ferocious riffs, this album is as furious and unrelenting as they come and all the better for it! Bouncing back from original guitarist Kirk Hammett's defection to Metallica, Exodus created their magnum opus, an album chock-full of violence and mayhem. Their influence on the genre remains undeniable and yet they failed to emulate the success of their peers (Metallica, Megadeth et all). Lack of consistency stalled their progress and this outstanding debut was followed by good records but never records great enough to push them to the next level. Still, this ferocious debut rocks harder than most and is testament to Exodus's contribution to Thrash during it's infancy. 'Murder in the front row, crowd begins to bang, and there's blood upon the stage' spat Baloff on the track 'Bonded By Blood'. These guys sure meant business!
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