10 Greatest UK No.1 Singles Of The 1990s

Which chart-toppers were top notch in the 1990s?

Don't Speak

Ah, the 90s.

A decade of bad sweaters, Britpop, and Boris Yeltsin. Political Correctness had yet to go mad and people had forgotten everything they learned in the 80s about style.

As for the music, well, that was something else.

New genres were emerging, old ones were resurging and Cliff Richard was, somehow, still going. Don't worry, there's no Cliff on this list. We're not monsters.

As the charts in Britain became more diverse, indie bands and boys from the North with bad hair were suddenly Platinum-selling artists with numerous number ones under their belt.

The following ten tracks all topped the UK charts during the 1990s and, for our money, they're the best the decade had to offer. Some are upbeat rock classics, some are weepy ballads, and some have gone onto become pop music standards.

Grab your skateboards and put on an episode of Dawson's Creek, cos we're heading back to the 90s.

God help us all.


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