10 Greatest Vocal Performances In Classic Rock

The Demented Wails of Rock and Roll.


Singers tend to receive a bad reputation when it comes to rock and roll. Many people think that these guys just have a lucky break by making a living screaming into a microphone. On the other side, there have been many vocalists that have really shown the time and effort that goes into singing rock and roll.

A lot of people tend to forget that the voice is an instrument unto itself, and all of these singers utilize that instrument to its fullest potential. These songs not only showcase the intensity of the person's singing, but also the unique control of their range. Some of these tunes don't even feature one vocalist, but a vocal team working in conjunction with each other to create something truly spectacular.

Above all, these performances show these singers as fully functioning musicians, who put their heart and soul into their craft to make magic come out of their vocal cords. Sure, they might not be playing a guitar or tearing up the drums, but the sheer power coming from the back of their throat will make your hair stand up on end.

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