10 GUTSIEST Moves Metallica Ever Made (And Whether They Paid Off)

The 90s was one hell of a drug.


Metallica have become one of the great examples of how to build up a musical empire. From one album to the next, the band pioneered the sound of thrash and eventually turned the entire metal genre into a household name in the '90s. However, you don't get to that spot by just playing it safe.

Over the span of their career, Metallica have made a lot of questionable decisions for a metal band, which has led to legions of fans getting pissed off at their work going forward. Whether it be through business practices or a distinct change in the entire operation, the band has certainly garnered as many enemies as they have fans over the years.

From a raw musical perspective, the band have remained intact, but the amount of wear and tear they have taken over the years has ended up both benefiting and backfiring on them far too many times to count.

Then again, what doesn't kill you will eventually make you stronger, and these thrash titans have come out on the other side every time they start to fade away. For worse or for better, these decisions have sparked outrage, joy and a lot of puzzled faces towards the world's greatest metal band.

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