10 Happy Songs That Are Insanely Dark

Wait... that song's about WHAT?!

Radiohead No Surprises

It's a special talent for songwriters to write upbeat songs. Some bands have their formula down so well that they can practically make any scenario in a fun-filled singalong. This can be used for good, but every now and again artists can slip something much darker past you.

Over the years, songs have come out that have a great sunny melody but are actually filled to the brim with dread. In an attempt to offset the morbid subject matter, artists will write happy tunes so the message won't catch the listener off-guard.

Whether it's about love, murder, of even shady characters, each of these songs are a lot more disturbed than you might have initially realized. While you initially came for the song's catchiness, the replay factor gets bumped up a notch just so you can get a grasp on just what the hell is going on in the track.

Even for their more lighthearted instrumentation, these songs often end on pretty dour notes, with the listener left to decide what fate holds for these characters. We may trust these bands to give us a banger, but a deeper dive into these lyrics hints at something much more grim beneath the layers of ear candy.

10. Say It Ain't So - Weezer

When Weezer first came onto the scene with the colorful Blue Album in 1994, their sound was a breath of fresh air for the rock scene. With the grunge scene being full of existential angst and depression, this record was filled to the brim with pop hooks and choruses that pulled everyone out of the Seattle melancholy. However, that didn't mean every tune was cheerful.

Opening with a funky guitar riff and an almost-ska rhythm, "Say It Ain't So" is definitely the slowest cut on the album. As the chorus gives way to crushing power chords, you're drowning in the same nerdy bliss of the rest of the record...or are you? As it turns out, Rivers Cuomo originally wrote this song as a response to his stepfather's violent behavior.

With Cuomo's original father leaving him due to alcoholism, this song details the harsh feelings that come up when Cuomo finds a case of beer in the fridge from his stepdad. Suddenly, this song goes from a mellow jam into a primal scream of desperation from a lonely child to not fall prey to another abusive parental figure. Weezer may have been far removed from grunge, but they could definitely wear their emotions on their sleeves when they wanted to.

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