10 Hard Rock Albums Critics Were Completely Wrong About

Nirvana's Nevermind was called "too polished"...?!


Critics tend to have a reputation as the snooty sort of music fans. When all the rest of us want to enjoy the albums that we have in front of us, these guys have come to the forefront to say that these jams aren't as great as we think they are. However, even the most dignified critics weren't right all the time, and nowhere has this been more apparent than with hard rock.

Throughout the years, it's almost become a trend that critics don't take a liking to the heavier side of rock. For the more pretentious sort, the thought of rocking out to loud riffs may seem like the most barbaric thing a listener could imagine partaking in. When these guys aren't tearing these classic records to ribbons, they are normally missing out on some of the greatest music of their generation.

Whether it be lambasting something classic or praising something abysmal, no critic is safe from the keen eye of hindsight. With a lot of material to sift through, let's take a look at just a small helping of the artists that got endless amounts of ridicule without deserving a single shred of it.


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