10 Hard Rock Bands Never Better Than Their First Album

Starting off with a bang.


There's a certain amount of sting that comes with being a one-hit wonder. While it's always great to have your time in the spotlight, you get painted into a corner and often have to live in the shadow of your biggest hit. It's never an easy career path, but it can end up working with albums as well.

Every so often in hard rock, an album will come along that is so complete that the artists seem to be pointing towards the future of rock. Rather than let these artists build a career path for themselves, many times the fans are left dissatisfied that the band haven't wowed them the same way that they did on their debut. It often gets so frustrating for bands that they more or less end up repeating the formula of their first album in hopes that they'll receive the same adulation that they got in their prime.

Does that mean everything else these bands created is bad? No, far from it. While some of these bands have released several great records, their debut still remains the definitive moment in their catalog. Success is rarely a bad thing in the rock world, but when your first try is this good, it can also be a double-edged sword.


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