10 Hard Rock Bands Who Made 5 Great Albums In A Row

The hard-rock bands that did the impossible... five times in a row.


Imagine being a band so good that you write not one.. not two... but five epic albums in your career? Now, imagine being so good and creative that you do all this in one undefeated run. That’s what the artists on this list are capable of.

But what makes a great hard-rock album? Well, if the bands on this list tell us anything, it’s that magic is made when musicians play with originality and the desire to create something wonderful and heavy. Some of the bands on this list were lucky and gifted with musical virtuosity, some had one heck of a point to prove and others simply worked so hard it was impossible that they not succeed.

The records on this list are creative, riff filled and full of hard-rock swagger. They’re headbanging, inspiring and epic; some full of chart smashing hits and others doused with progressive harder to grasp musical magic.

Over the past 50+ years, the bands on this list have been treating fans with their incredible consistency and brilliance, setting the kind of records and heights that are rarely smashed. Written within this list are 50 hard-rock classic records, and music wouldn’t be the same without them.


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