10 Hard Rock Debut Albums That Suck

Green Day really did start off with one hell of a thud.


It's never easy making your first record. After slogging it out playing one club after another, the idea of working on your first ever major piece of work tends to be a bit daunting. Though many have knocked it out of the park from the word go, it's not always that easy.

From the beginning of time, there have been thousands of bands that really haven't put their best foot forward on their debut. Whether it was because of a changing lineup or some random sound that wasn't coming together, these records are definitely not the best these guys have to offer. That's not to say that all of these records are misfires. While some of them have prepared bands for a lifetime of mediocrity, the reason why a lot of these records end up sounding bad is because the other material they would make down the line sounds so much better by comparison.

Even though these records tend to sound a bit like amateur hour at the best of times, it wasn't much longer until we heard what these bands could really do (or couldn't do). Regardless, this is far from the greatest look for these guys. There's hitting the ground running...and then there's just hitting the ground.

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