10 Hard Rock Songs Added At The Last Minute

The classic songs added at the buzzer...


Making a good rock album can typically be a grueling process. While it might be fun to sit around all day playing music, honing down a song until it's as perfect as it can be is something that can drive any musician to the brink of madness. Even when you think you have every song figured out, one idea might spark creativity right when you're about to wrap up.

Whether it's in the subgenre of metal, alternative, or just plain old rock and roll, many rock stars have added songs at the last minute that ended up saving the records. Though the record may have been lined up and ready for production, these songs manage to bypass everything that had come before and stand out as some of the best material these bands have ever written.

Some of these songs have even gone from being not in the running to being the lead off single for the records they are a part of. It may have taken a long time for some songs to fester, but sometimes the stars align and give these musicians the perfect song for the moment. They may not have taken that long, but when they're this good, that's hardly a bad thing.


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