10 Hard Rock Songs By Non-Hard Rock Artists

The heavy-hitters from outside the norm.


As far as hard rock goes, there are always artists who many consider to be essential to the genre. Whenever you need something to blow out your speakers and rock out to, most people will argue you can't go wrong with anything from artists like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. At the same time, some artists who don't fall under the hard rock umbrella have their fair share of bangers too.

From genres like Britpop, heartland rock, or just straight up pop music, artists that many rockers would consider soft have shown their ability to write ferocious material when the time called for it. Sure, the guitars may not be as crunchy as say...Metallica, but the aggression behind these tracks gets the job done all the same.

These were the songs that shook things up from the artist's usual sound and made their projects sound new and exciting again. Gravitating towards heavier instrumentation came to these artists by creative experiments, wanting to cut loose, or even to just take the piss out of the hard rock glory days. Regardless of the artist's inspiration, there's no denying that these songs could fit right in amidst your hard rock playlist.


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