10 Hard Rock Songs That Are Impossible To Understand

9. Die Eier Von Satan - Tool

Ever since their first record, there was always a certain level of seriousness that comes with Tool's music. Aside from the massive amount of time signatures you have to memorize in order to headbang along, the amount of philosophy poured over in tracks like Schism and Parabola are pretty cerebral topics to tackle in a song. Some of these end up being so complex that you don't even known when they're pulling a bait and switch on you.

Across the length of Aenema, the interlude tracks provide a little bit of respite from the ensuing chaos on tracks like Forty Six and Two. On the other hand, Die Eier Von Satan is certainly a headtrip of an interlude, with a sound that feels like it's ripped straight from a Nazi march. As the track plods along, this German war chant seems like it's getting closer and closer to falling into chaos. That is, until you actually translate it.

Instead of the calls for war and anarchy in the streets as one might expect, most of the lyrics on this one come down to a recipe and ingredients for how to make hashish cookies. Though this was ultimately just a goof done by the band members, it's still one hell of a trip to figure out once you go through the trouble of getting a translator to decipher everything. For as funny as it is once you're in on the joke, this is one of the few Tool songs that left many people confused, creeped out, and more than a little scared by the end.

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