10 Hated Rock Albums That Are A Lot Better Than You Remember

Is St. Anger really worth all of the...well...anger?


Music is one of the few art forms where you can actually rally around awful material. Compared to bad movies like the Room or Birdemic, there have been many albums that have achieved legendary status solely because of how horrible they are. With the benefit of hindsight though, were these ever really that bad?

Granted, it's not like any of these are knock-down drag-out masterpieces by these artists. In fact, some of these do warrant at least a bit of the slogging that they've gotten from their fanbases. On the other hand, there are bits and pieces of these records that give them a unique character when put up against their competition. While there is a lot of crap to sift through, oftentimes you'll get rewarded with something entirely different that actually works or even the stray song that never got the chance to become legendary.

Either way, these are the pariahs of rock and roll that deserve to be dug up one more time to be evaluated. Make no mistake, there are still a ton of problems here, but no album is without merit if only for a few songs. From the cheesy to the offensive to the "what the hell?," here's just a small helping of albums that deserve another chance.

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