10 Heaviest Metallica Songs

Metal's posterboys at their thrashiest.

Wikimedia Commons

Metallica has truly built themselves to become one of the most successful bands in metal history. From their beginnings in the hard rock streets of San Francisco to filling stadiums around the world, the band have penned some of metal's most classic songs...and even a couple of metal's most reviled songs.

Regardless of the more inconsistent moments in their discography, Metallica are always at their best when they are blowing you away with the frantic hymns of thrash metal excellence.

These songs were able to combine the sonic assault of heavy metal and mix it with the adolescent energy of punk rock to form some of the greatest moments the genre had ever seen. The best of these moments were when the band would stretch these songs from bite-sized 5-minute tracks to 8-minute hard rock epics that decimated their audience whenever they would play them.

Though the band could easy rest on their laurels in their glory years, each of Metallica's records have a certain badass metal moment that can make the most cynical metalhead bang their head. From the band's snot-nosed early years to their seasoned-veteran triumphs, you could always count on Metallica to bring something absolutely pummeling to the table.

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