10 Heavy Metal Albums By Bands Thought Past Their Prime

8. Korn - The Paradigm Shift

The nu metal craze received a right kicking in the decade or so following its slow-decaying, landfill death in the mid-2000s. Many fans and artists distanced themselves from the scene and in an ironic twist of fate, promised that it really was just a phase mum.

Most of the stalwards of the genre faded away or simply moved on, with one notable exception in Bakersfield's favourite sons Korn, who not only stuck with the style, but often tried to reinvent or modernise it. How successful their attempts is open for debate, with 2005's industrial-tinged 'See You on the Other Side' fairing slightly better with fans and critics than 2011's dubstep-heavy 'The Path of Totality', but generally, nothing was quite hitting the heights of their initial five album run.

Then in 2013 - in the run-up to that year's 'The Paradigm Shift' - the band regrouped with guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, and the ensuing album planted the seeds for the future of Korn.

'The Serenity of Suffering' and 'The Nothing' have been back-to-back belters for Korn, superseding nostalgia into become an out-and-out classic metal band, with this year's 'Requiem' continuing that run, with the band now in firm control of themselves and their legacy.


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