10 Hidden Details You Never Noticed In Rock Songs

9. Polly - Nirvana

It's hard to imagine something like Nevermind by Nirvana actually having a set time stamped on it. Ever since its release in the early '90s, the power of songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit haven't aged a day, with Butch Vig's production style tightening everything up to near perfection. Then again, that didn't mean the traditional punk rock spirit didn't flare up every now and again.

Contrary to most classic albums, there are a few rough edges to the sound of Nevermind, with Polly being the most blemished of them all. Recorded outside of the original Sound City sessions, this sparse song about a torturer feels very slapdash, as Kurt Cobain strums at a guitar which allegedly only had five strings on it. Even though there's not a lot going on, the original 'Polly said' before the final verse wasn't actually supposed to be in there at all.

As Vig tells it, both Cobain and Krist Novoselic were laying down the track when Kurt came in too early, only to catch himself and come in on the right time. Instead of just edit it out though, there was a weird sense of urgency in the take that everyone thought was cool, even going so far as to re-record the mistake when they made the new wave version of the track for Incesticide. While things weren't originally supposed to happen that smoothly, every so often you have those instances where the mistakes work better.

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