10 Huge Artists Teasing New Albums In 2020

Gaga, Green Day, Adele... We're going to be spoiled.

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2019 was another great year for music of all genres, with loads of the industry's heavyweights releasing albums for their fans to listen to on repeat. But what about those who sat the year out? What about those who've sat WAY too many years out?

Looking ahead to 2020, it seems there are a number of huge, beloved acts who will be returning to the scene with new material to delight their fans. Now all we have to do is wait and we'll soon be treated to new additions to our heavy rotation playlists in no time...

10. The Killers

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Lead singer Brandon Flowers and co. have enjoyed great success following the release of 2017's Wonderful, Wonderful, capped off with a headline slot at last year's Glastonbury Festival. Since then, the Las Vegas band have been working on their sixth studio-album.

Its title, Imploding The Mirage, was announced back in November, along with a tour of the UK in spring 2020, with dates in Falkirk, Manchester, Norwich, Southampton, London, Bristol, Coventry, Middlesborough and Dublin. Fans have been able to stay updated with the album's drafted tracklist via Twitter posts. It is expected to be released in the spring, in time for concert-goers to learn the songs before they head out on tour.

The band's sixth studio-album, follows their 2019 Glastonbury headline set, album to be called Imploding The Mirage, updating fans with progress via Twitter by posting updated tracklists, announced UK tour for spring 2020

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