10 Iconic Rock Stars' Guitars

The legends' unique weapons of choice.

Jim Summaria / Wikimedia Commons

There are some guitarists who just don't look right playing something other than their signature axe. Imagine Francis Rossi of Status Quo playing a Les Paul or Tony Iommi playing a Telecaster. How about Hank Marvin with a Flying V or BB King with a Strat? You get the idea. In reality, there's a strong chance that all of those guys probably recorded with a vast array of guitars, but when it comes down to it, they have all firmly nailed their colours to their signature guitar of choice.

Most big name guitarists these days have an endless array of 'signature models' available, plus their own line in amps, effects pedals and even guitar strings, pickups and picks. Part of the iconography of all the legendary six string gunslingers is their weapon of choice. The guitar that actually gets a cheer when the roadie sets it up on the stage before the hero himself even appears.

For this list there are several times when there is more than one guitar that they are inextricably linked to, but ultimately, the guitars listed are the ones that we all covet - the ones we'd splash out the mythical lottery win on. The true ultimate dream machines.


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