10 Incredible Animated Music Videos

Taking a look at videos featuring drawings and computer graphics to give life to their songs.

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"Way before Nirvana, There was U2 and Blondie...And music still on MTV."

We may not get to consume our music videos on MTV anymore, but luckily YouTube and other online sites are available to showcase the imaginations from the music industry. While live-action videos are the norm, usually some narrative mixed with shots of the artists performing their songs, animation finds its way into various music videos.

Not stuck to one single music genre or artistic style, animation can be a way to expand and broaden the visuals of many forms of music. Animated music videos have been utilized by pop stars, rappers, metal, and EDM artists.

From the humble beginnings of music video animation with Elvis Costello's "Accidents Will Happen" to expensive liquefaction of Busta Rhymes in "What's it Gonna Be?", we've seen artists use many different art forms to show off their visions.

**Dishonorable Mention: Creed - "Bullets" ...even a killer guitar riff can't save this CGI mess of a wanna-be video game!**

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