10 Incredible Blur Songs You’ve Probably Never Heard

A bit of a blur. And another bit. And eight more.

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Blur are one of those restless bands who are constantly moving forward, like a shark. They master one sound only to get bored and drop it.

This desire to evolve and experiment probably makes them closer spiritual heirs to The Beatles than Oasis ever were but that’s probably an argument for another list at another time...

Anyway, the point is Blur have recorded a vast amount of engaging music. Catchy hooks and strong melodies have remained a constant across their many stylistic changes. With such a big back catalogue some of it is bound to be overlooked.

After all, we could tell you, not unreasonably, that every Blur album has its merits and each is worth your time but that time is limited and there’s a lot of other music to get to. Not to mention TV, film, video games, enjoying family and friends. Under the circumstances, many people will happily settle for a greatest hits collection.

So if eight stylistically diverse studio albums is too much work, delving into brilliant B-sides, outtakes and rarities is probably too much trouble for anyone but the most die hard of fans. Unless someone had collected them into a handy list for you.

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