10 Incredible Musical Side Projects

Artistic moonlighting at its finest.


Being in a band is one hell of a commitment. Not only do you have to write and perform music with a certain group of people, but continue playing said music on the road for years on end.

Naturally, artists get somewhat restless in their daily cycle of record, tour, write, repeat..

Among the many reasons why side projects are created is for artists to flex their creative muscles with other people and in other genres. However, many side projects tend to come off as somewhat tedious, with a more niche sound and less-than-stellar compositions. Not in these cases though.

The bands showcased here are filled with faces you will recognize, but the outfits they're performing in are not their main gig. Oftentimes these artists come together with other highly respected artists to form supergroups with usually spectacular results.

Some of the material these groups pump out could possibly rival their main band's hits. Still, having too much good music to choose from an artist is rarely ever a bad thing. Here are a few examples of musical side projects that made every fan stand up and take notice.


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