10 Incredible Songs That Took NO Time To Write

10. Elton John - Your Song

Sometimes magic can be found in the most ordinary of places. Just ask Elton John, who wrote his unassuming ballad ‘Your Song’ one afternoon in his mother’s kitchen.

It’s hard to imagine now, seeing that the track would go on to become so deeply engrained into the collective psyche of the nation, but ol’ Reggie Dwight and his lyricist partner, Bernie Taupin, whacked this one out without even breaking a sweat.

According to Taupin, he sat at the kitchen table and scribbled down those iconic verses on a grubby piece of exercise paper in little to no time before handing over his handiwork and witnessing John sculpt one of the most recognisable pieces of piano music the world of pop has ever seen in ‘about 20 minutes’. It took me 20 minutes to write that intro and it’s crap.

The true mastery in the song comes from Taupin’s lyrical work though. So simple and yet so vital, it’s incredible to think that he was able to produce such a stunningly tender declaration of love that has resonated so strongly with so many people in such a short space of time.

As for Elton, he’s a bloody national treasure, isn’t he?


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