10 Incredibly Successful Tracks Their Creators Actually Hate

Would you side with your greatest musical heroes against what you thought were their most beloved creations?

How many artists have come to hate their own songs? To answer that question, we must first consider how many of us have come to hate songs that we once enjoyed. In the modern era of pop culture over-saturation it's easy to grow tired of a song once it becomes a hit. You hear it so often - on the radio, during TV shows or commercials, in clubs or bars, etc. - that whether you liked it in the first place or not, you just get to the point where you never, ever want or need to hear it again. It's a known fact that this phenomenon happens every day for music listeners. However, it also happens for bands, who are not only forced to hear their hit song everywhere for months or years at a time, but who are also expected to play that song live at the end of every show, for as long as they have a music career. Most bands put on a brave face and perform their hits every night to appease the casual fans, however for artists who would much rather play newer material, the legacy of a hit song can be a burden. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of 10 artists who, at one point or another, have expressed distaste for their own work. From the artists who smile through their hated hits to the bands who have thoroughly disowned them, these bands, songs, and albums cover all the bases.

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