10 Most Influential Style Icons In Pop History

Most iconic dress in the history of music? We'll give you a clue - it's red, white and blue.

Fashion is not exclusive to the clothes we wear. It plays a mammoth role in our lives as a means of identity, sexuality, and even political stances; not to mention, it's awesome good fun. Which other medium can define such things? Music.

When the two are combined, prominent figures in popular culture become fabulous icons among the public: so much so that we'll automatically recognise a particular outfit and instantly associate it with the pop star at hand.

What is a cone bra without Madonna? Or a Union Jack dress without Ms Halliwell? And if someone rolls up to a fancy dress party wearing a slightly-too-small school uniform... it goes without question that they're Britney, right?

With a little help from Stylight, we've compiled a nifty little timeline of the most prominent female pop idols in history, and, more importantly, the outfits that stuck in our heads. First up, the 60s...

10. Dolly Parton (60s-Present)

"It costs a lot of money to look this cheap." Dolly Parton is not a lady who does things by halves. It's impossible to choose one outfit that portrays the loveable Tennessee girl's iconic sense of style: mainly due to the fact she never wears the same outfit twice. She's admitted she modelled her look on the tramp of her small county hometown, saying she was the most beautiful women she'd ever seen. Her fabulously OTT outfits of gingham, sequins, jewels and fringing galore remain iconic to Dolly alone - we actually think it's possible she may own every shade of pink known to mankind. Dolly Stylight Gif
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