10 Legendary Albums That Fans Originally Hated

9. OK Computer - Radiohead

Okay, but how are people going to hate on something like OK Computer? This was one of the defining works of the '90s across the board, catapulting Radiohead from potential one hit wonders to the new leaders of alternative rock. The fans may have gotten it, but their label was not impressed when they were given the finished product.

After spending months honing songs like Paranoid Android and Karma Police, one of the major complaints that the label had was that the record didn't have any stand out singles on it, especially when the band motioned for Android to be the first single. It's not like they didn't have a good reason to be worried, since Android, even with its amazing musical journey, is a bit daunting to be a radio hit with its 6 minute runtime. This wasn't just a little hiccup though...this was a cause of fear at EMI.

Since the Bends had a few respectable hits on it like High and Dry, the label actually thought that this record would sink like a stone and originally lowered their sales expectations so they'd be able to break even. There's no stopping music like this though, and OK Computer became the turning point for rock and roll, looking to the future and what could happen when technology overwhelms us completely. Maybe the label thought it would be boring, or maybe they weren't ready to hear something like this.

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