10 Legendary Albums That Will Make You Love Grunge

9. Deep Six - Sub Pop

Without even knowing it, Sub Pop was on the verge of something that would define the decade. Under just one label in the heart of Seattle, you had everyone from Soundgarden to Mudhoney to even the first incarnation of Nirvana making their first steps into stardom, with EPs and debut records that were meant to be a little rough around the edges. Though the '90s would be the decade where they thrived, one of the first classic albums from grunge actually comes from the '80s.

Back when Sub Pop was still finding its sea legs, they specialized in different compilation records, bringing together different bands under one roof. Despite not really having a name yet, Deep Six is where you start to hear the sounds of grunge really start to gel, with the first few singles to come out of Soundgarden along with a band known as Malfunkshun, with soon to be Seattle icon Andy Wood behind the mic.

If there's one band that are really the stars of the show here, it would have to be the Melvins. While their mainline albums might fit snuggly in the world of doom metal or stoner rock a lot of the time, the tracks that they put on here embody grunge to a tee, mixing together traditional metal with different dropped tunings to give you a picture of what the music scene was like at the time. It was a long way from the grunge explosion, but these were where the first seeds were planted.

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