10 Legendary Hard Rock Bands That Have Terrible Debut Albums

Getting Off on the Wrong Foot.

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When an artist gets a good track record, it gets a lot easier to just laud everything that they've done as fantastic. After all, they've never disappointed once they got big, so why would they stop now? A worthy argument, if you didn't know who they were before they got big.

Aside from the usual spellbinding debut albums from the like of Van Halen and Guns N Roses, these first steps up to the plate were a bit slipshot to say the least. Hell, some of these are so different than what you're used to hearing that the side by side comparisons of what these acts would become almost feel like night and day.

As opposed to just trying some things out to see what they could get away with, these albums feel sophomoric at best, showing that it's as much about the love and care that you put into your record than it is about the creative side of the spectrum.

A lot of bands have years, if not decades, to hone their craft before they make their first album. These artists on the other hand just hoped to scramble together something comprehensible by the end of the recording.

They might get better over time, but this one was a big ouch to confront early on.

10. I Brought You My Bullets - My Chemical Romance

Out of all the cringy emo bands making the waves in the early '00s, My Chemical Romance remained the shining light cutting through everything else. Compared to the usual whining pretentiousness that came from every other band of their ilk, MCR had some serious chops backing them up, with The Black Parade and Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge holding their own as classics of the genre.

Just a few years before though, we were looking at a totally different story.

It's hard to really say that about I Brought You My Bullets, considering that not everything on this album is all that bad. While stuff like Headfirst For Halos are still good for what they are, the production and performance here are haphazard at best, with Gerard Way not possessing nearly the same amount of charisma he had in the next few years.

Though there are some tie ins between the story of this album and what would come later on Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, this is one of the few times where the quality music that came afterwards actively hurt this album. I mean, why would you listen to this when their next album did the same thing just 10x better?

For as much as they bucked the trends of their respective genre, this is the one moment where My Chemical Romance actually lived up to their cringy haters' potential.

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