10 Legendary Musicians Who Fought Against The Music Business

8. Queen

Being in a successful band normally has to do with being in the public eye all of the time. As long as you have those stars in your eyes as you keep getting tighter and tighter as a group, it will look like you're quickly turning into superstars at almost every single show. When Queen actually took the rest of their money into account though, they came back from the road realizing that they were completely broke.

After having a successful hit record with Killer Queen, the band found themselves completely in debt, with most of their money going to their original manager Norman Sheffield and never seeing a dime for it. Since the next record was shaping up to be their most ambitious project yet, the band made the decision to fire Norman on the spot and get John Reid as their manager, who told them to go into the studio and make the best record they've ever made. While most of the attention was centered on Bohemian Rhapsody, there was a lot more anger on Death on Two Legs, as Freddie Mercury blasts Norman for his shady business practices and calling him one of the sleaziest people he's ever had the displeasure to be in business with.

The headaches didn't stop there though, with Freddie being in one scandal after the next by the press, even going on tirades during Queen sets saying that some of the biggest media outlets in the world were talking out of their ass. Queen may have been in the business to be as successful as they could, but they weren't going to just be pin up boys who did whatever they were told either.


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