10 Legendary Rock Bands That Aren't In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

9. Tool

Around the '00s, most metal bands that had any chance of breaking through normally had to go the route of nu metal. If you didn't have a backwards hat on your head or a habit of talking about how tortured you were as a young child, there was no real point in putting you alongside the more glamorous bands on MTV like Korn or Staind. Tool were never concerned with the mainstream though...they were focused on making the kind of music that would open your third eye.

Even with just a few albums to their name, there are more than enough classic songs for consideration, from the constant pushing and pulling of time signatures on a track like Schism to Lateralus being an ever evolving dissection of the Fibonacci sequence. There's more to it than just playing progressive stuff for the hell of it though, like the pure muscle behind the songs on Undertow or Maynard James Keenan wearing his heart on his sleeve on songs like Wings for Marie.

After the turn of the '00s, their legacy seems to be only growing with age, with bands like Gojira picking up where they left off in terms of heaviness and even having a significant impact on the world of prog metal, as bands like Periphery no doubt looking at what they were doing in the early days and making it even more intricate in the last few years. The Hall of Fame has been notoriously stingy when it comes to heavy metal bands, but as far as musical development is concerned, what Tool has accomplished goes beyond just metal.

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