10 Major Albums Where Everything Went Wrong

No Hooks, No Fun, No End in Sight.

eminem just lose it

Sometimes when you've been in the business for a while, you tend to pull the short straw every now and again. No matter how much of a hot streak you may claim to have, nobody's perfect, and you end up putting out something that is treated like a clunker by the audience.

Even though you can pull out bits and pieces of genius from these, you also have those few instances where everything crumbles around you.

Regardless of which genre you find yourself in, no artist is free from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Across each respective decade, these albums have been...let's say ill advised and just leave it at that. Because if we had time to dissect every single bit of these albums, chances are we'd be here all day.

From the likes of albums with massive potential to projects that were just a bad idea to begin with, each one of these are the kind of glorious failures that are reserved for bad sketches on a sitcom.

Trust us...the only reason that we're laughing is to keep ourselves from crying at how much of a trainwreck we have in front of us. It may have seemed good at the outset, but the final product left absolutely nothing salvageable to latch onto.

10. Two Virgins - John Lennon and Yoko Ono

At the turn of the '60s, any member of the Beatles could put audio of their own farts on record and it would have sold. Compared to the other bands coming out of the British Invasion, you couldn't touch the level of fame the Fab Four got in their prime, even going so far as to become leaders of the next generation of counter culture hippies. Even though things could only go up from here, Two Virgins from John Lennon marked the point where we found out they were fallible.

Being the first in a string of experimental albums with Yoko Ono, this is about as experimental as it gets for rock and roll, with most of the record amounting to Ono and Lennon making random noises and recording them just for the hell of it. Even though there is an experimental bent to the structure, other experimental acts like Captain Beefheart and Frank Zappa are way more engaging than something like this.

It's not like they didn't warn us ahead of time though, given that the original cover was just the couple posing naked in front of a random white backdrop shot just after the album was recorded. Let's face it...if that's already a high bar for you to clear, this record is going to be the moment where Lennon goes fully off the deep end.

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