10 Masterpiece Albums From Supposedly "Terrible" Bands

The good from the bad and the ugly from Metallica, Kiss and The Kooks...

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Deeming a band to be bad is pretty subjective. One man's Nickelback could be another man's Weezer - and here we are, being all subjective again. But trying to find ten bands that lots of people openly proclaim to be irksome on the ears isn't really too difficult.

So, preamble aside, the purpose of this rocking piece of writing is to find a collection of bands that we can all sort of agree are terrible. But somehow, by some stretch of talent, managed to compose a solitary masterpiece album. It's a tricky endeavour, as easy targets like Coldplay, Stereophonics, The Monkees and dozens of others didn't or haven't ever actually gotten around to releasing their opus and are instead relegated to decent greatest hits territory. What we're looking for is a real work of art from bands often cited as being "the worst of the worst".

But fear not, in this article there are a motley crew of Mercury Prize and Grammy nominees, as well as Brit Award botherers and a whole load of others that will forever remain a blot on music history - but by god didn't they release a collection of bangers at one stage in their careers.

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