10 90s Metal Albums That Successfully Transformed Their Band's Sound

9. Carcass - Heartwork

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpbpOgUybBM Another hugely influential metal act of the 90's were Liverpool's Carcass, a band that sought shelter in the most ear shattering and intricately composed sounds in all of metal. No album said this any more (or any louder for that matter) than the the battering barnburner Heartwork in '93. One of the record's greatest strengths is in the infernal rage that powers it forward giving songs like the riff-shredding interlocker 'Arbeit Macht Fleish' or the thrashing progressive title-track a combustible element that soaks through these intricate masterpieces in all sorts of incendiary ways. Perhaps the most admirable facet of these angry metallers is that they didn't just rest on the fact that they virtually created a new sub-genre, instead they choose to mix it up on tracks like the thundering powerhouse 'Embodiment' or the melodic steamroller 'This Mortal Coil' by slowing things down to explore their obvious musical qualities. Just check album highlight 'No Love Lost' if you don't think this lot can condense their trademark sound into a more digestible metal art form, all while retaining their musical credibility in the same breath. Quite an achievement indeed. However you wish to define it, Heartwork is simply a phenomenal extreme album by British metal icons Carcass because it possesses the same fiery passion that drove their earlier releases, only this time, they combine that passion with some more conventional rock influences, revealing a band that seamlessly transcended their own musical creation - grindcore. Key Tracks: No Love Lost, Embodiment, Arbeit Macht Fleish, Death Certificate
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